Ocean Lider: Seaplace-501 Marine Turbine

SEAPLACE chose a TLP arrangement and designed a turbine (Patent pending, PCT/ES2013/070328) to harness currents such as those of the Strait of Florida. In our design, the Seaplace-501 Marine Turbine, the required buoyancy is given by a nozzle and/or diffuser. This structure also helps us to significantly reduce the size of the screw, a 6-blade […]


NB45-SEA 469 (Aksoy Shipyard)

Complete design of vessel NB-45 (SEA-469). It is an Offshore Supply Vessel with a total length of 75.42 m and a breadth of 16.40 m. The deck has been designed to enable the future installation of a heliport. It includes a 50 ton electrohydraulic crane and a 4.8 x 5 m2 moonpool with flush hatch. […]


Garzprom II SEA 361-SEA 442 (Daysland INC)

Design and revision “as built” of vessel conversion of Garzprom I (DP drilling vessel) into Garzprom II (1100 ton crane vessel with DPII). The conversion consisted mainly in enlarging breadth by 10 meters, the substitution of 5 water-jet thrusters by 8 tunnel thrusters and an increase in accommodation capacity from 109 to 400 persons.

Technical Office

A good conceptual design prior to contract is crucial for an optimum project development. Our conceptual designs are specific to the type of project and to the client's needs [...]

Customer Support Team

Distance is not an issue. We offer total availability when it comes to travelling anywhere around the world to join the technical teams of our clients. [...]

Special Reports

SeaDP is a class I software used for dynamic positioning analysis and it has been completely developed by Seaplace waiting to be approved by GL for its commercialization. [...]