Design of jacket foundation and transition piece for 5 MW Offshore Wind Generators. Design Basis for GL Structure Validation


  • State of the art of existing fixed platforms, especially jacket type solutions for offshore wind generation
  • Comparative studies of current solutions
  • Study of applicable technologies, nodes, transition piece, etc
  • Study and application of rules and standards. Comparison
  • Structural design. Optimization of structures, analysis depending on location of the main parameters; number of legs, number of bays, layout of braces. The target is reducing the global cost
  • Analysis of environmental conditions and most demanding loadcases of the design of jacket foundation
  • Study of fabrication methods, transport and installation of jacket structures
  • Analysis of cost, and influence on design (size of piles and jacket, transition piece)
  • Optimization of transition piece
  • Validation of design
  • Analysis of ULS and FLS