Acciona Renovables


Conceptual design of a SPAR type platform for 5MW Offshore Wind Turbines


  • State of the art of existing floating solutions type SPAR in the O&G industry that may be used in offshore
  • Study of existing regulations to fixed platforms. Comparison between the various regulations and adapt to the floating wind
  • Bi-dimensional statistical analysis and estimates of metaocean conditions extremal of three key sites on the Spanish coast. Determination of operating and survival conditions
  • Development and design proposals, election of the conceptual solution
  • Conceptual solution structural design
  • Structural (strength, buckling) and modal analysis of the solution
  • Mooring system analysis and design
  • Piping systems development and design
  • Seakeeping simulations in operating and survival conditions. Validation of naval architecture
  • Analysis of construction, launch, transport, installation and decommissioning methods of units to minimize costs
  • Cost analysis for prototype and wind farms of 20 and 100 units (materials, construction, transportation, installation and auxiliary units necessary steps)
  • Definition, monitoring and post-procesing of the model tests in CEHIPAR (Hydrodynamic Center for model tests, projects and research
  • Analysis of testing and validation studies