Development of a Dynamic Positioning System, SeaDP, adapted to the operation of a split hopper vessel. The difficulty in this type of vessel lies in the sudden draught variation experienced during the dumping operation, when ship undergoes a two thirds decrease in displacement and a double increase in wind exposed area. This causes a rapid variation of wind, currents and waves forces making it difficult to be able to maintain position


  • Setting out the architecture of the system (hardware and software)
  • Development of all software in graphic language, including:
  •       o Controller
          o State observer
          o Thrust allocation algorithms
          o User interface
          o Communication modules between the different devices (computers, I/O modules, sensors and thrusters)

  • Integration with commercial hardware
  • Preparation of detail and installation drawings
  • Making a full DP system and integrate it into the split hopper vessel SATO Galicia
  • Sea trials for the system final tuning