The Spabunker Cuarenta retrofitting is one of the Projects involved in the global Project called GAINN (GAINN4SHIP INNOVATION and GAINN4MOS), coordinated by Fundación Valenciaport and co-financed by the European union through the Program “CEF – Connecting Europe Facility”, which main purpose is to facilitate the development of LNG as fuel in the maritime industry and port logistics in the West Mediterranean and in determinate zones with special vulnerability as Canarias Islands.
Concretely, the GAINN4MOS Project involves others 16 engineering studies related with the adaptation of the LNG bunkering infrastructure, ships newbuildings, ships retrofittings and other 10 pilot Projects that includes retrofitted LNG ships and LNG bunkering stations.
Particulary, the Spabunker Cuarenta retrofitting involves the installation of LNG tanks above the main deck for the LNG cargo storage and destined for LNG bunkering purposes and used as fuel thanks the installation of the new dual gas engines. Once the retrofit concludes, the Spabunker Cuarenta will become in the first European multiproduct barge with LNG bunkering capabilities.

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