Tenerife Shipyards

Project Schedule

4 Months

Work packages

1. Engineering works for the installation of an MPD (Managed Pressure Drilling)
Including, MPD Manifold Equipment (Manifold, buffer tank, umbilical, drape hoses, sheave…) and Coriolis Meters at each HP Mud Pump.

2. Engineering works for the installation of a second BOP (Blow Out Preventer)
Including BOP test stump, Test HPU and Accumulator assemblies, Pod Workshop.

Seaplace’s Scope of Work

  • Equipment location layout.
  • Perform local structural analysis (including Finite Element Analyses FEM) and design deck reinforcement and footings for placement of equipment.
  • Steel and piping list of materials with quantities and types (MTOs).
  • P&Ids.
  • Design piping arrangement.
  • Perform piping pressure calculation .
  • The development of construction drawings (structure and piping) for approval of the ABS and the final Client.
  • Design pod workshop and outfitting (including top hatch).
  • Weight Report.