Consultancy Services

More than 15 years of experience developing technology solutions and feasible structures for the Offshore Wind Industry

  • Calculation Basis & Design Criteria
  • Naval Architecture (intact and damaged stability through the life cycle)
  • Operability studies: energy yield and marine operations
  • Weather windows assessments
  • Steel tower adjustment from fixed wind to floating wind
  • Life-cycle analysis: CAPEX, OPEX, and LCOE
  • Design for Manufacturing, yard assessments
  • Technical due diligence
  • Structural, Seakeeping & mooring analyses for the floating wind:
    • Aero-servo-hydro-elastic coupled model for global motion analysis
    • System coupled modal analysis: tower bending moments (1P and 3P frequencies)
    • Diffraction Boundary Element Method (BEM)
    • FD + TD analysis of single and multiple bodies
    • Mooring system (Quasi-static & Dynamic non-linear)
    • Additional stiffness, damping linear and quadratic
    • Sea loads integration for structural design global and local. (ULS, SLS, ALS, & Fatigue)

All the analyses are performed in well-recognized industry tools (AQWA, ORCAFLEX, FAST, ANSYS MECHANICAL…)