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Ocean Energy: Leading the future of the power source

OCEAN ENERGY: LEADING THE FUTURE OF THE POWER SOURCE Our civilization has managed to consume an average energy per person 50 times higher than the one needed for our own feeding. Though that huge amount of energy is negligible compared to the energy that comes to us from the sun, which is several thousand [...]

Maintenance Cost: How can owners reduce it?

MAINTENANCE COST: HOW CAN OWNERS REDUCE IT? The cost associated to ship maintenance and repair operations are around a 10% but in old ships it can increase up to a 20-30% of the total operating expenses (OPEX). These costs are linked to vessels age, however, very often, they are also related [...]

Free Launching of 1,200 t OLT Buoy at Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Free Launching of 1,200 t OLT Buoy at Port Harcourt, Nigeria Objectives/Scope: Launching of floating devices is one of the most critical procedures of the entire construction process. Though often a straightforward procedure, launching may get tricky if sliding friction is not properly considered, or if there is any dimensional [...]