Project Description

PROJECT: SEA-A15 Aquaculture Support Hybrid Vessel

The SEA-A15 aquaculture support vessel is designed for fish farm services with great versatility for performing other offshore operations.

The concept is based in a flexible modular design that allows the quick adaptation of the vessel to multiple missions:

    • Fish handling operations
    • Fish feeding
    • Live fish transport
    • Installation, maintenance and removal of infrastructure
    • Assistance and transportation.
    • Anchor handing
    • Towing

Main particulars:

LOA: 40.00 m
B: 13.00 m
D: 3.3/3.00 m
T min: 1.90 m
Crew: 11p
Power: 1200 kW
Battery pack: 992kWh
Bollard pull: 15 ton
Service Speed: 10 kn
Free deck Area: 350 m2
Cargo hold volume: 220m3
Range in e-mode: 100 miles

hybrid aquaculture

Class Notation:
I + HULL + MACH; Unrestricted Navigation; AUT-UMS; ANCHOR HANDLING