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Approval Engineering Scrubber Ready Notation from Bureau Veritas of the installation of a scrubber for the treatment of exhaust gases from the main engines and auxiliary engines of the Crude Oil Tankers “Monte Urquiola” and “Monte Ulía”

Monte Urquiola-monte ulia

PROJECT: Ultradeep water rated Drillship second BOP installation and MPD upgrade

Engineering works for:

  • The installation of an MPD (Managed Pressure Drilling). Including, MPD Manifold Equipment (manifold, buffer tank, umbilical, drape hoses, sheave…) and Coriolis Meters at each HP Mud Pump
  • The installation of a second BOP (Blow Out Preventer). Including BOP test stump, Test HPU and Accumulator assemblies, Pod Workshop
Ultradeep water rated Drillship2
Ultradeep water rated Drillship1
Ultradeep water rated Drillship3

PROJECT: VIZCONDE DE EZA (Oceanographic Research Vessel)

Increase of the load capacity on deck:

  • Stability Study
  • General Arrangement update
  • Elaboration of Regulatory Documentation:
  • Live Saving and Fire-Fighting Equipment Plan
  • Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP)
  • SOPEP update
  • Muster List
oceanographic research vessel - vizconde-de-eza-4

PROJECT: ATERPE ALAI C745 (Tuna-Fishing Vessel)

Structural Detail Engineering to insulate a cargo hold

PROJECT: REM STAR (Fishing Vessel)

Naval Architecture calculation of the conversion of a Multipurpose Vessel into a Fishing Vessel

  • LOA: 76.60 m
  • LPP: 68.20 m
  • B: 16.00 m
  • D: 7.00 m
  • T: 5.90 m
  • Crew: 45 p
  • Power: 2 x 2600 kW
Rem Star- Fishing Vessel

PROJECT: Multi-product Bunker Ship Retrofitting HFO/GO/LNG(1.000 m³)

Concept Engineering and Basic Engineering retrofitting design of the Boluda’s bunker fuel barge  to LNG Bunkering. Gas fuelled

  • LNG capacity Analysis. LNG  Bunker Optimization
  • LNG tanks arrangement Design
  • Stability and Visibility Design
  • Structural Design
  • LNG Bunkering Design
  • NG fuel supply Design
  • Vessel main systems retrofitting Design
lng Multi-product Bunker Ship Retrofitting HFO/GO/LNG(1.000 m³)
Multi-product Bunker Ship-2.jpg
  • LOA: 73.50 m
  • Beam: 16.25 m
  • Design Draft: 5.40 m
  • Service Speed: 12 kn

The Project development is part of the European

GAINN4MOS project

Class Notation:
I Hull, Mach, Oil Tanker ESP / Flash point above 60, unrestricted navigation, AUT-UMS, LNG Bunkering Ship, Gas Fuelled

PROJECT: SATO BALEARES (Gánguil-Split Hopper Vessel)

Installation of a sliding platform for the support of MANTSINEN crane on the ship

  • Basic Structural Engineering
  • Stability Calculation
  • On-site inspection during transformation:
    • Platform construction
    • Bulkward installation
SATO BALEARES-Ganguil-Split Hopper-Vessel

PROJECT: TARIFA I- Floating dock for offshore wind gravity unit construction

Feasibility study:

  • Tarifa I dock conversion
  • New unit conceptual design
  • Standard offshore pontoon conversion
  • Lenght: 55.00 m
  • Outer Beam: 45.00 m
  • Breadth: 45.00 m
  • Inner Beam: 37.00 m
  • Columns Depth: 50.00 m
  • Maximum Draft: 26.00 m
TARIFA I- Floating dock for offshore wind gravity unit construction
Tarifa II Floating pontoon for block construction


Conceptual Engineering Retrofitting of a RoRo to Gas fuelled (HFO/LNG)

  • RoRo Operational Analysis
  • LNG tanks sizing and arrangement on board
  • Stability and visibility analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • NG fuel supply Analysis
  • LNG Bunkering Analysis
  • Vessel main systems retrofitting Analysis
  • Safety Analysis
RoRo Retrofitting to Gas Fuelled-1
RoRo Retrofitting to Gas Fuelled-2
RoRo Retrofitting to Gas Fuelled-3

PROJECT: Floating modules to Shipyard pontoon conversion

  • Conversion of 8 floaters into 2 multipurpose shipyard auxiliary pontoons
  • Structural design
  • Module locking system design
  • Stability calculations
Floating modules to Shipyard pontoon conversion1
Floating modules to Shipyard pontoon conversion2
Floating modules to Shipyard pontoon conversion3
Floating modules to Shipyard pontoon conversion4

PROJECT: CABALLO AZTECA (850 ton Crane Vessel)

Stability Analysis for the feasibility of the conversion of an Icebreaker Vessel into an 850 ton Crane Vessel

  • LPP: 146.00 m
  • B: 30.40 m
  • T: 9.00 m
  • Crane: 850 ton
crane vessels references - caballo azteca

PROJECT: 2500 ST Crane Vessel

Analysis of the conversion of an Artic Supply Vessel into a 2500 ST Crane Vessel:

  • On-site vessel inspection
  • Documentation inspection
  • vStructural Analysis for the installation of a 2500 ST crane
  • vNaval Architecture calculations
  • vDefinition of new systems, retrofitting of existing systems and list of equipment
  • Design of the accommodation and mooring system
crane vessels references - 2500 ST

PROJECT: Shipyard Dock- increasing of dock breadth

  • Basic design and Detail engineering
  • Structural analysis
  • Operation manual

PROJECT: SACYR-1 Floating dock

  • Basic and Detail design for length increasing
  • Stability Calculations after deck increasing
  • Repairing reports after collision
  • Owner Representative Inspection after damage
  • Shipyard Scope of Work documentation
  • Repair works follow up
SACYR-1 Floating dock-3
SACYR-1 Floating dock-1
SACYR-1 Floating dock-2
SACYR-1 Floating dock-4

PROJECT: GARZPROM II (1100 ton Crane Vessel)

Design and As Built review of the Garzprom I conversion (Dynamic Positioning Drilling Ship) into an 1100 ton Crane Vessel

  • LOA: 159.00 m
  • LPP: 142.00 m
  • B: 35.00 m
  • D: 11.70 m
  • T: 8.50 m
  • Accommodation: 400 p
  • Speed: 10 knots
  • Crane: 1100 ton
  • Helideck
  • DPII
crane vessels references - garzprom II
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