Project Description


PROJECT: 2nd BOP Installation for a Drillship upgrade

  • Drape hoses support structure analysis
  • MPD manifold and buffer tank foundation FE report
  • Umbilical reel and RCD HCS Support analysis
  • ABS approval

PROJECT: Deck Structural Analysis of a FPSO

  • Acelerations and load definition
  • FEM analysis

PROJECT: FPSO Riser porch

  • Fairlead Strength Analysis
  • Fairlead Fatigue Analysis

PROJECT: CALM buoy launching

  • Skid frame in place structural analysis
  • Free launching dynamic analysis

PROJECT: 2500T Crane Vessel Design

  • Under navigation load cases
  • Lifting heavy loads operations
  • Accidental load cases
  • LR Approval

PROJECT: Kugira II Floating dock

  • FEM Analysis of the tower

PROJECT: Offshore supply vessel OSV2

  • Structural strength of the holds under two different load cases
  • DNV Approval

PROJECT: GTTR-3 Hispasat 1E Antenna

  • Structural analysis, stresses and distortions affecting the antenna accuracy are determined and reduced
  • Structural analysis, reactions and displacements on the foundations

PROJECT: Offshore wind installation semi-sub

  • Structural strength of a Semisubmersible

PROJECT: MPF01 Drillship Construction

  • Structural design of the power module installed on top of the Drillship
  • Lifting condition finite element analysis
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