Project Description



  • Fixed offshore wind jacket for a 5MW turbine.
  • Transition piece design
  • Load conditions definition
  • In-place analysis
  • Fatigue assessment
  • Code check of tubular joints, punching shear, maximum allowable stress, hydrostatic collapse according to API, GL rules with Beam-check module (Ansys).
  • Pile design
  • Transport and installation design condition assessment of Jacket-type structures.Advance resistance calculations

PROJECT: GBF analysis

  • Hydrodynamic load calculations
    • Loads using morison equation
    • Loads using diffraction
    • Loads combining diffraction & morison method
  • Stability calculations
    • Port operations (harbour moves and dock operations)
    • Towing operations..

PROJECT: Dolwin 6

  • Topsides FEM structural analysis using Ansys.
  • Pile Cluster Analysis:
    • Analysis and strength verification of the pile clusters against In-Service ULS and ALS scenarios as per DNVGL and EuroCode code checks.
    • Extraction of the SCFs (Stress Concentration Factor) for input into fatigue analysis of the different weld connections
    • Grout connection of the pile cluster
Dolwin 6
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