Project Description


PROJECT: Nautilus (OSV, ROV Support)

  • DP FMEA proving Trials to obtain the DP (AA) LR Class Notation
  • eCMID (IMCA) Inspection

PROJECT: Monforte de Lemos (25.000 bbls WTS Vessel)

  • eCMID (IMCA) Inspection
  • Annual DP Trials from

PROJECT: CEDEIRA Multi Purpose Vessel

  • Off-hire inspection
  • Overhaul follow up
  • DPA services

PROJECT: Beatriz B

  • Off-hire inspection
  • On-Hire Inspection
Beatriz B

PROJECT: Veronica B

  • Off-hire inspection
  • On-hire inspection
Veronica B

PROJECT: Red Snapper and Red Lobster

  • Vessels Inspection & Assessment during procurement stage for offshore support services
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